Book Review by Nicki Collins

Quilting Modern

by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen

Review by Nicki Collins

Quilting Modern Book Cover

Being a long time traditional quilter it is with some trepidation that I chose to review this book – as a traditionalist I love perfect points and and structure – and  I was  about to venture into something completely daunting to me – improvisation!

Not only does the book outline seven core techniques of improvisational piecing  (which includes detailed instructions and plenty of diagrams), it provides an excellent introduction and  explores the basics. It also touches on quilting ideas both domestic and longarm. The 21 projects provide plenty of variation to tempt any quilter.

I wasn’t ready to tackle a new quilt but I decided to make a sample block and try one of the techniques in the book so I chose the slice and dice.

Slice and Dice

The instructions and excellent graphics were very easy to follow and my block was completed quickly.

Slice and Dice Step 1   Slice and Dice Step 2  Slice and Dice Step3

As a long time lurker and admirer of the blogs – – Katie Pedersen and – Jacquie Gering

I would highly recommend Modern Quilting to both traditionalists and modern girls.

Personally it has provided me with an excellent insight into the world of improvisational piecing.   As someone who really enjoys the piecing side of patchwork I’m not sure I really enjoyed the process and whether or not I venture down the improv road remains to be seen but  for me as a machine  quilting reference  book   it provides an abundance of visual stimulation and eye candy – it definitely has a place in my library.

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One Response to Book Review by Nicki Collins

  1. Danielle says:

    Excellent review Nicki.

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