The Mod Mini Challenge

We’re getting our mod on… with a two part Modern Mini Quilt Challenge! Proudly supported by Handcrafter’s House,

Part 1: Modern Mini Pinterest challenge – now to 27 April

Create a new Pinterest board called [Your name]’s PMQG Modern Mini challenge. Pin 10 (and ONLY 10 – that’s the hard part!) mini quilts from anywhere on the web. You can get started by looking at the PMQG Pinterest board.

Between 27-31 April, the enter the link to your pinterest board on this site.
Voting opens 1 May for 10 days. Winner announced at the end of May meeting.

Part 2: Modern mini quilt

Make a modern mini quilt of no larger than 62.5 cms (25.5″) by 40cms (15.75″).

If you wish to donate your modern mini quilt to the King Edward Memorial Hospital crib quilt charity, please make your  quilt to this exact size. Bright colours are great on the front or choose colours for a boy or a girl. Use 100% cottong wadding. Backing should be pastels colours.

If you do not wish to donate your quilt, you can make anything this size or smaller.

The prizes…

Some yummy yummy Bali Snaps…


Or some pretty charms!
modminiprize2Which would you pick?!


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2 Responses to The Mod Mini Challenge

  1. Jodi Squires says:

    Hi Laura, Do we have to do a crib quilt or can it be something else? I thought I you said as long as it was no bigger than the crib quilt dimensions it would qualify. Just wanted to check. Ta Jodi

    • redquiltygirl says:

      You’re right Jodie. As long as it is no bigger than the crib quilt dimensions it will qualify. :)

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